ABOUT ME​​​​​​​

I am a professional sadist, a fisting fanatic, sounding specialist, needle play-loving nurse, strict disciplinarian of wayward men, enthusiastic enforcer of chastity and lover of kink. I am particularly keen on foot fanatics and have a wide selection of very expensive shoes, boots and footwear for the most sophisticated worshipper. I also specialise in race-play, humiliation and wrestling. Enter my fully equipped London dungeon, or have Me bring my dark skills to you, and trust me to explore your every pleasure.

Let me show you what a filthy little worm you are. Maybe you’d love to be My slut, blow Me kisses with your gaping arse? Lick between the expensively pedicured toes of My beautiful size 5 feet. Dress up as ‘Busty Jane’ and pose for Me for My slut gallery. Suck the 5-inch heels of My Jimmy Choos after I’ve walked up and down your back, and inserted the heel into one of your disgusting holes. ​​​​​​​

I love beating, twisting, tormenting and taunting helpless men. It’s My greatest passion. So how about being overpowered by My strong arms and suffocated between My powerful thighs? Are you man enough?  Let me dig my nails, heels and pinwheel into your scrotum, or crush your balls with My fist. Let Me squeeze you with My fist until you squirm, squeal and beg Me for release. I will give you your ultimate experience of pleasure and pain.

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